With its location at the heart of Europe, the Czech lands were confronted with various cultural influences and constructional styles during the course of history. Because our country was one of a few that were only slightly touched by both the last war and the clearance projects of modernism, its rich cultural inheritance was preserved...

A charming, undulating landscape with mountains and upland plains, forests and smaller ranges of hills, mineral formations and bizarre, sandstone cliffs – all of this awaits the visitor. Lakes and lochs form the profile of Southern Bohemia. The glacial Cerne and Cerovo lakes are amongst the most beautiful parts of the Sumava National Park, in which there are to be found wild, woodland streams with crystal clear water, tranquil valleys, and expansive forests containing unique flora and fauna...

The Jewish inheritance
Between the figure of the Prague Rabbi Löwe with his famous Golem and the unimaginable suffering of Jews in the Terezín fortress lie centuries of the common life of Czechs, Jews and Germans on the territory of Bohemia and Moravia. In Prague the Jewish Community existed as far back as the 10th century.

It is possible that the saying "If they’re Czech they’re a musician" is these days a little out of date. However, the Czech musical tradition is thriving to this day. Musical festivals are held around the entire country from spring through to autumn. One of the most prestigious is the Prague Spring international musical festival (concerts, operas), Prague Autumn (concerts), and the international music festival in Cesky Krumlov.

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